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How to become a partner

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Jxime Designs

Hi! My name is Jaime and I’m a Digital Artist from New York City. I started doing Digital Art in 2021 and it quickly became my passion, working every day to improve my skills. If you take a look at my profile, I LOVE movies and TV shows. Eventually, I'd like to be the guy who makes posters for Netflix shows, blockbuster movies and other popular medias!

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  1. Who can partner with us?

    To partner with Digital Art Kudos, you need to be either a Digital Artist or a channel featuring digital art. 

    - If you are a channel, we expect you to have at least 5000 followers and display art that we could also like to display. (Refer to the "Approval conditions" section for more detail.

    - If you are an artist, you don't need a minimum of followers to be eligible for partnership however you need to have received at least one Kudos of the Day. 

  2. Partner benefits:

    - As a partner, you are mentioned/tagged in all our Kudos Instagram posts as our partner. 

    - Your logo is displayed on all pages of our Digital Art Kudos website in the pre-footer.  The logo links directly to the Instagram page, website or YouTube page of your choice.

    - You are displayed in an entire section on our Partners Page. The section contains your logo, a description of your choice and any links you need (up to 3).  You also have a feature image. (By default it is your Instagram page but can be your website or YouTube channel screenshot.)

  3. Your obligations as a partner:

    - You need to mention @DigitalArtKudos in all your posts.

    - We want you to promote all our Contests by resharing our posts and stories related to the contests or creating your own posts and stories. (A minimum of 1 post or 1 story is expected for the contest announcement + 1 post or 1 story for the reveal of the Top 10 and winner(s).)

    The respect of those 2 conditions guarantees your partnership with Digital Art Kudos. Any break of those conditions might result in the cancellation of our partnership.

  4. Approval conditions:

    The choice to partner with an artist or a channel is entirely up to our discretion. You might have great content that unfortunately doesn't match our tastes or values. We also value human connection so we encourage you to come chat to us to see if we can be a good pair :)

  5. Values: 

    We strongly reject offensive content and comments or pornographic language and imagery. We are not part of a political party and will not partner with anyone who displays political messages. We also reject any form of racism and any type of discrimination. 

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