MR23 Crescent Moon
Dot it Better Contest

@Mr_23_Design contest is named Crescent Moon. It's Episode 4 of the Do it better challenge series. 

This challenge was brought by @mr_23_design. The contest is now closed and winners have been selected. The following selection has been made by Digital Art Kudos and is non-official. You will find differences between our selection and the official winners and tops. It only reflects our personal artistic sensitivity and doesn't intend to contest the official selection and result. You can watch the official Top 10 on MR23's YouTube channel and you can find all the submissions on Instagram, #mr23moon.

It's all about the entertainment and the learning...enjoy!

MR23 Moon Rules

This is my example for the Do it Better Photoshop Contest, Episode 4, Half Moon!

  1. Watch my tutorial to learn how to create a Half Moon and you can use my idea to build your own amazing Half Moon design!
  2. You can use any stock image that you want, but please use copyrighted images only if you are allowed to use them.
  3. Send your designs by email:
  4. Deadline: November 26
  5. Hashtag to use when you post on Instagram: #mr23moon


MR23 Moon Contest rules

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