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Photoshop Contest

This digital art contest following the Fantastic Beasts theme has been a blast. Thank you so much to all the artists who submitted their art. We decided to extend our TOP 10 to a TOP 16 to give a special mention to the designers who really did a good job even if not in our Top 10. We also decided to include them in the Exclusive Notebook! Check for more info below our TOP list.  

We also implemented a new feature for you guys to brag about your position in the contest! Look for your card, you'll see a link at the bottom named "Download Instagram Assets". Just click on it and you won't be disappointed! ;)

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Congratulations to our winner and all the artists who made it to the Top!

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For this contest, we had a lot of great submissions but unfortunately not the 50 required to unlock the Notebooks as a FREE prize. We're sorry for this news and hope you'll share your work and our contests as much as possible next time so we reach our participant's number target.

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"DAK Fantastic Beasts" Contest’s rules

  1. Theme: Fantastic Beasts.
    • Use Photoshop or any Creative software to mix animals and create a Fantastic Beast artwork.
    • You can use as many visuals as you want but you need to use at least 3 different animals. You don't have to use the entire animal. (Example: A cat with fish skin and eagle wings)
    • Displaying the beast in an immersive landscape will definitely be a bonus point but is not compulsory.

  2. Technical Requirements:
    • Your document should be 2160px X 2700px at 72dpi for portrait or 4320px X 2700px for landscape. (Note: Even if your document is bigger, keep the same ratio). Download the PSD templates here.
    Note: This is really important you work in the given dimensions so we can print your art if you happen to be in the Top 10. More info in the Prize section)
    • You need to own the rights for the images/assets used in your creation. 

  3. Submissions:
    • Post your art on Instagram with the Hashtag #dak_fantasticbeasts.
    • Create and post a patchwork of the images you used to create your beast. 
    • Additionally, you can tag us @digitalartkudos and @beastyeditz.101 on Instagram so we don't miss it.
    • You can also send your HD art to dak@digitalartkudos.com.

  4. Date:
    Your creation should be posted no later than the 29th of April 2022 - Midnight - Sydney (Australia) time.

  5. Scoring and selection:
    @digitalartkudos and @beastyeditz.101 will follow the Digital Art Score principle to evaluate the artworks. The "creative" criteria will be focusing on the artistic aspect of the art AND respect for the contest rules. Any art that wouldn't fit in the size expected will receive minus points. 

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